Window tint

We proudly offer Xpel’s market leading window tinting films for vehicles, residential, and commercial applications. Whether you’re a new car owner seeking privacy, a homeowner desiring enhanced comfort, or a business owner prioritising a more pleasant workspace, our tailored Xpel window films cater to your specific needs.



Using Xpel’s high-performance window tint films and precise patterns, we expertly tint every vehicle type, make and model. Whether you’re after OEM-style privacy glass, a cooler interior, or UV protection, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our aim is to meet your specific needs, encompassing style, comfort, protection—or all three.

Xpel Prime is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation plus, each window tint installation comes with a lifetime warranty for total peace of mind.

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Xpel Prime XR and XR Plus :

Prices From £400

The pinnacle of high-performance window tinting, utilising ceramic particle technology to reject over 99% of harmful UV rays. Achieve up to 96% heat reduction for a safe and cool interior, without compromising outward visibility.

Available in VLT* ranges from 5% to 70%.

Xpel Prime HP:

Prices From £250

This metallic window tint offers a blend of performance and affordability, providing up to 72% heat reduction while still blocking 99% of UV rays. Perfectly matches OEM-style privacy glass.

Available in VLT* ranges from 5% to 50%.

Home and Commercial Spaces

Xpel’s Vision line boasts a wide range of window films designed for home and commercial applications. Whether you seek privacy, reduced glare and heat, security, safety, or energy-efficient solutions, we have the ideal film for you.

Ready to elevate your driving experience, protect your home, or create a more comfortable workspace? Fill in our contact form and let our experts guide you towards the best Xpel window tint solution for you. Transform your space with unrivalled comfort and protection.