Range Rover full stealth ppf satin matte Xpel

Revolutionising Elegance: Range Rover Stealth Conversion by SW PPF

We recently welcomed this Range Rover Autobiography in the captivating British Racing Green, fresh from Vertu Land Rover in Exeter, for an Xpel Stealth conversion. Through this process, we apply a satin Paint Protection Film (PPF) from Xpel onto the original paintwork, transforming the finish from gloss to satin. This option is not readily available when ordering a Range Rover, resulting in a truly unique finish and can compliment any colour you choose. 

Protecting the allure of high-end vehicles is an art, and Paint Protection Film (PPF) has become the go-to solution for preserving the paintwork of luxury cars. SW PPF excels in applying this cutting-edge technology, which not only shields the vehicle’s surface from scratches, stone chips, and environmental contaminants but also elevates its appearance.

What sets a Stealth PPF application apart is the meticulous customisation of the PPF patterns. The team extended and tailored the film to cover as much gloss paintwork as possible, seamlessly creating the illusion that the satin finish was part of the vehicle’s original design. This attention to detail ensures a flawless and consistent appearance, making it appear as if the car rolled off the assembly line with its stunning satin allure.

The benefits of choosing Stealth PPF extend beyond aesthetics. Satin or matte paintwork is notoriously challenging to maintain, often requiring professional repairs for even the slightest scratch or blemish. Xpel Stealth offers both the stunning looks and protection without the maintenance headaches, typically at a more affordable cost than satin paint options.

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For automotive enthusiasts in Exeter, Plymouth or the rest of Devon seeking a perfect blend of protection and aesthetic enhancement, contact us today to explore the PPF options suitable for your car or motorcycle.