McLaren 570S – Damaged PPF

Replacing some damaged paint protection film on this McLaren 570S

We recently had this McLaren 570S in to inspect some damage to the paint protection film already applied to the car. Upon inspection, we could see that the damage seemed to be just in the film and thankfully not the paint, which was confirmed once we removed the film. The film was removed using a steamer to gently warm the adhesive while stretching the film away from the paint which meant it released easily without any risk of pulling paint.

Now that the old film had been removed, the panel was thoroughly cleaned to remove any glue or residues, a new pattern was cut on our plotter and installed. Once the film had dried and all edges were tucked, the paint looked as good as new with absolutely no signs of damage which would have cost a substantial amount at a bodyshop (or returning to McLaren for repair as they don’t release paint codes).

Also, while the 570S was in with us, the client had mentioned he was unhappy with the finish of the gloss black roof (which had been vinyl wrapped). We rectified this using Xpel Ultimate Plus Black which was plotted and fitted to the car in place of the unsatisfactory vinyl. Xpel Ultimate Plus Black has the same properties and characteristics as the normal Xpel Ultimate Plus film but instead of being completely transparent, it’s gloss black. This makes it perfect for adding gloss black touches or accents to a vehicle without compromising on quality and finish. More info here:

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