Toyota GR Yaris – Xpel Stealth Conversion

This week, we finally got our hands on the critically acclaimed GR Yaris, which needs no introduction. As the title says, this was booked in for a full Xpel Stealth conversion which is where we take an originally gloss painted car and convert it to a factory-looking satin paint finish. To achieve this look, we use Xpel Stealth PPF which is exactly the same as Xpel Ultimate Plus, just with a frosted/satin top coat instead of clear.

Xpel Stealth has all the same properties of normal paint protection film, including the same self healing and impact resistance and most importantly the same 10 year manufacturer warranty. The key difference or benefit of this particular film, is that it’s able to turn any factory gloss paintwork to an exact matching satin version. Take BMW for example; when ordering lets say the new G80 M3, you can choose from Portimao Blue Metallic or Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic. These two colours are both the exact same colour, the only difference is the ‘frozen’ paint has BMW’s satin lacquer instead of traditional clear coat. This is essentially what we’re recreating here with Stealth PPF – the sharp, pleasing aesthetic of satin paint, but without the headaches.

As you can imagine, having a few different finishes of film in Xpel’s range for us to choose from, we really are able to create some quite striking and unique finishes, all with a factory (if not better) quality finish. I’m particularly drawn to satin PPF on a pearl white car as it creates so much more depth that white cars lack, which accentuates every shape and curve of a car – features the GR Yaris has plenty of!

During a ‘Stealth Conversion’ there is a bit more cost involved as we take some time to disassemble parts of the car that enable us to extend the patterns to get more coverage and further hiding the gloss paint underneath to give it that true, factory satin paint look. It’s worth noting though, that PPF does have its limits when wrapping certain edges and corners due to the films thickness and adhesive, which we always communicate clearly with the client and explain which edges we cannot wrap or tuck.

Watch the video and more pictures below:

If you’re based in Exeter, Plymouth or surrounding areas and would like to know what options are available for your vehicle, please get in touch.