BMW X5 ‘Black Vermilion Edition’ – Xpel Stealth PPF

Frozen Black X5 visits for the ultimate paint protection…

The BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition is a super limited run of only 50 vehicles for the UK putting this up there in terms of rarity. This special edition is purely visual tweaks inside and out, most notably the Frozen Black paintwork which brings me to the reason for its visit – for full coverage PPF. For anyone that doesn’t know, BMW’s ‘Frozen’ paint range are all satin finished from the factory which can be optioned on many of their model range.

Satin and matte paint is notoriously hard to maintain and care for due to the simple fact that it can’t be polished. That means any tiny scratches or blemishes can’t be polished out as it will start to turn the satin or matte finish to a shiny, glossy finish. In fact, even just scrubbing hard to remove bugs in summer is enough to start altering the appearance.

This is where paint protection film (PPF) comes in, more specifically Xpel Stealth which was used on this Frozen Black X5 as it perfectly matches the factory paint finish while offering the ultimate in paint protection. Xpel Stealth is exactly the same as the popular Ultimate Plus film, however just with a satin appearance. This means it carries the same 10 year warranty for the integrity of the film, the same self healing properties, the same stain resistance and impact resistance. Essentially, Xpel Stealth PPF removes all the headaches of owning a satin painted car, while keeping the amazing looks!

Having said all that, we covered every painted surface of the X5 with Xpel Stealth PPF leaving no satin paint exposed and vulnerable to damage. We even went a few steps further and using Xpel’s extensive pattern database, covered every gloss black trim including the headlights with Xpel Ultimate Plus. We then topped it all off by coating every panel with Fusion Plus, which is Xpel’s 4 year warranted, PPF compatible ceramic coating to make this car as easy to clean as possible.

Watch the video and more pictures below:

BMW X5 ‘Black Vermilion Edition’

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